jWave is adaptive.

jWave webapps are inherently responsive, built for all platforms: TVs, PCs, laptops, tablets & mobiles. No extra work is required, it will look nice regardless of the platform.

jWave is modular.

jWave is a LAMP MVC implementation. It's beest served from a Linux installation (Fedora) hosting the fabulous open source services of: the Apache HTTPD daemon, the MariaDB database and the PHP5 runtime environment.


jWave is extensive.

Under the bonnet, jWave encompasses many 3rd-party libraries, tools and technologies in one easy approach. Adding more is simply a matter of updating the configuration.

jWave is proven.

jWave is already used across the web powering some of the web's most innovative ideas; uses:

jWave is fun.

Forget about all the boring stuff, that's already done for you. Make your ideas come to life.

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Key Features

Some of the key features our API supports. You can always find out more from our docs.

All the athletes

Get any UK athlete's basic information. Just give us their club and name and we'll do the rest.

All the races

Get the full listings of any UK registerd race: competitors, times, positions, PBs and the winners of each category.

All the leagues

Get all the UK athletics coaches for a particular club and get their racing results too.

Quick start

Hopefully you'll agree, everything is nice and simple. Check out these typical use cases.


Athlete API provides two very simple main endpoints, responding with a well-formed JSON.

For an athlete's information:


Or for an athlete's race history:



Mo Farah is pretty good! Winning all those medals. He runs for Newham & Essex Beagles so we'd search for Mo Farah like this:

Searhing for Mo's athlete information:


Or for Mo's race history:


The docs...

For anything you need please consult the docs. We've tried to keep everything nice and simple.

The definitive guide

We've put together an Athlete API Definitive Guide to guide you through the whole process.

It's straightforward enough but we include some more complex examples, configuration and setup as well as downloadable demos.


This API covers the Athlete API server, how the JSON is created and could be consumed.

This details the server backend to process the responses. If you're only interested in the JSON endpoints, this is not the doc for you.